[metapost] string-array

Laurence Finston lfinsto1 at gwdg.de
Sun Dec 19 23:16:22 CET 2004

stefan knorr wrote:

> ----------------------------------------------
> |label.rt(btex b[0] etex, (a[0], a[0]));
> ----------------------------------------------
> this does not work.
> how can i do something like this? any suggestions?
> is there any atlernative way to do something like this?

I have vague memories of having had a similar problem.  Unfortunately, I don't
have MetaPost on this machine, so I can't make an example, but I think
`scantokens' should do the trick for you.  That is, put a string together with
the command and arguments you want and pass it to `scantokens'.

Laurence Finston

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