[metapost] Re: new is_clockwise routine

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Dec 1 08:52:46 CET 2005

Daniel H. Luecking wrote:
> Taco: is this good enough for coding?

I think so, yes. Not right now (too much work) but with Solomon
in hand I should be capable of making sense of it. I will get
back to you if/when I have additional questions.

> Still, I don't see why it (or a modification) couldn't be used in
> MetaPost.

Perhaps Metapost has a harder job because it doesn't interpret
circular pens itself? This whole issue with turningnumber began
with the modification of MF's routine (as coded by JDH) turning
out to be a bit buggy in (to me) unexpected ways.

Cheers, Taco

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