[metapost] all intersections between two paths

Boguslaw Jackowski B_Jackowski at GUST.org.pl
Thu Jan 6 16:08:13 CET 2005

Laurence, i.e., Antonio:
> The question is about finding all of the intersections of two arbitrary
> `paths'.

Dear colleagues,

I have solved, a least partially, the problem. Actually, such an algorithm is
implemented in a set of macros (plain_ex.mp) that is used in the METATYPE1
engine for the generating of Type 1 fonts out of METATPOST sources. 

But since it is some 60kB of code, it may be too much for an occasional
MP user. Therefore I prepared an tiny excerpt that does even more,
than finding intersections -- it has also implemented a macro for
so called ``removing overlaps''. Of course, the precision of MP is low,
so the macros are not extremely robust, but in normal situations you
may expect them to work.


But the abnormal situations happen... Consider, e.g., the following
trivial example:

  path p,q,r;
  p=fullcircle rotated 33;
  q=fullcircle shifted (1+9epsilon,0) rotated 33;
  show p intersectiontimes q;

The paths should not touch (both are rotated by the same angle,
so the ``non-circularity'' of the MF/MP circle doesn't play
a role here). Yet the MP's log file says

  >> (0.00194,3.99805)

MF produces ``complementary'' values:

  >> (7.99306,4.00696)


The package is pretty small (some of 4kB zipped macros plus examples), yet
I'd rather not send them to the list without the agreement of the members
and, moreover, I don't know whether the list server accepts attachments.
Anyway, I can send them privately to anybody. But feel warned that the only
documentation are the four simple examples ;-)
Cheers -- Jacko

Dan Luecking:
> Mathematically, paths of length 1 can intersect as many as 9 times.

Could you provide an example? I can invent only an 8 intersections case.

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