[metapost] Re: all intersections between two paths

Boguslaw Jackowski bop at bop.com.pl
Tue Jan 11 19:05:59 CET 2005

BJ> I can agree that my knowledge about discrete
BJ> geometry is insufficient.
LF> I wasn't casting aspersions.

You weren't. My insufficient knowledge is just the fact ;-)

LF> I just think it's likely that breaking up `paths' that don't fulfill
LF> them until all of the resulting `paths' do would be a good way
LF> of handling the general case.

This is one of the possibilities I took into account. Intuitively, it
looked less promising than the other one, i.e., loosening constraints.
Anyway, needs re-thinking.

Cheers -- Jacko

Ps. Nelson, thanks for the interesting reference.

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