[metafont] Re: [metapost] (no subject)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jan 18 20:27:46 CET 2005

    don;t want to waste time on organizing duplicate mails -)

Perhaps filtering on Message-ID would help.  That's how I avoid seeing
duplicate copies of mail.  If procmail is being used for delivery, it is
trivial.  Insert the following two-lines recipe:
:0 hW: mylock-msgid
| formail -D 65536 .msgid.cache

(I can explain privately if anyone cares, or man formail; man procmailrc.)

    Perhaps the list administrators would like to make a decision about this.

Speaking as one of the list administrators, all I can say is, use your
judgement.  I don't think it would be right to reject all cross-posted

Speaking of metafont at ens.fr, does anyone know anyone at ens.fr who might
be able to regain control of the list?  Would it be of any help to move
it to tug?

And now back to our regularly scheduled metaposting ...


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