[metafont] Re: [metapost]

Larry Siebenmann laurent at math.toronto.edu
Wed Jan 19 05:42:26 CET 2005

Hans wrote (Tue Jan 18 05:56:10 2005):

 > imo, in a sense mf is kind of 'dead', i.e. replaced by metapost 
 > and/or font editing programs and.or a combination of those 

The opposite seems just as plausible. Metapost and metafont will
either prosper together or perish together. A parting of these
siamese twins could be fatal to both.

As for the idea that both will perish, let us recall that, already in
the early 90's, the demise of TeX was predicted not just by
commercials, but by certain directors of the AMS (bb excluded!).
Instead, the plush GUI environments competing with TeX have withered
with the OSs and interfaces for which they were built, like autumn
leaves before the winter winds.

I hope metafont is just as welcome on the metapost list as 
metapost has been on the metafont list. Simply a *meta* list 
would be another solution.


Laurent S.

PS. With luck this will be the first message that I manage to 
post on the metapost list (I have had to switch accounts 
temporarily to do so -- firewall problems etc...). I regret that my inability hitherto to 
post directly has inconvenienced some. Lets see whether 
tug.org can equal the @ens.fr setup in reliability so that 
crossposting will fade!

At tug.org, the prospect of a better list interface with 
quicker and broader archiving is very pleasing.

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