[metapost] re: workaround for turningnumber bug

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Fri Jan 28 21:23:46 CET 2005


There are two separate bugs in the database already, but they 
are probably the same actual bug or at least very related. 

It looks like the inaccuracies introduced by calculating 
envelopes are the real culprits. That is to say:  JDH hints 
in his explanations that "turningnumber" is actaully using the 
envelope routines instead of the path itself. 

Greetings, Taco

On Fri, 28 Jan 2005 14:59:58 -0500
Larry Siebenmann <laurent at math.toronto.edu> wrote:

> Werner writes:
>  > For your enjoyment I've also attached a (non-intersecting) 
>  > curve where metapost's `turningnumber' reports -3 instead of 
>  > the correct 1.
> What is the simplest example known?  Is there an adequate
> bug report?
> Cheers
> Laurent S.
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