[metapost] mp documentation

Larry Siebenmann laurent at math.toronto.edu
Tue Mar 1 03:37:10 CET 2005

Hi Wlodek!

 >  What about moving the whole Appendix B ``New Languague Features''
 >  from the Technical Report 164 to the mpost user manual?

Good idea!

While waiting for that to happen, could we not put into circulation a 
"PDF-with-type1" version of the cited technical report. I have a 
".dvi" version, however without the ".epsf's". I also have a ".ps" 
version but bitmapped. I even have a "PDF-with-type1" version with 
some pages out of order.  Could you put together one correct
"PDF-with-type1" version from this raw material!

[[ The "pdf-with-pk-fonts" version posted by Hobby (and elsewhere) is
very hard to read on my equipment.  And I don't use paper since 
I move around a lot. ]]



PS. I would be happy to email any of above to any volonteer 

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