[metapost] re: MetaPost 0.891 announcement

Larry Siebenmann laurent at math.toronto.edu
Wed Mar 23 03:18:12 CET 2005

Hi Taco,

 > This new implementation of turningnumber is a better than the
 > original, even if it is not yet perfect. A temporary solution
 > that make the problem have a lesser sting while at the same
 > time a real resolution is being sought is a valid way to deal
 > with bugs in software.

I suppose there are users who have learned to live
productively with the old behavior of turningnumber -- by
miscellaneous tricks. Will the proposed interim revision not
cause them hassle -- since the old familiar turningnumber will
suddenly be *utterly inaccessible*?

Is there anyone who will be noticeably *helped* by the
interim turningnumber? It seems similar to easy posted


Laurent S.

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