[metapost] Umlaute with Metapost

Matthias Pospiech matthias.pospiech at gmx.de
Thu Mar 24 11:16:12 CET 2005

Am Donnerstag 24 März 2005 10:10 schrieben Sie:
> Hi Matthias,
> Whether or not actual ä or ü works depends on your MetaPost & TeX
> distribution (it works for me in 'plain TeX' mode, using the
> mpost and tex executables from tetex 3.0).
> The following should work unless latexmp.mp does really strange
> things (but it is clumsy):
>    histbarlabel_left("f\" & ditto & "acher");
I tried that. The mp File contains now
histbarlabel_left("f\"& ditto &"acher\"& ditto &"ubergreifenden Bachelor");

and results in this in the .tmp file:
latexmp_picture[13]:= btex \textsize f\"acher\"ubergreifenden Bachelor etex ;

However in the eps file there are only spaces for the Umlaute as before.

The system is winxp with miktex.

What kind of information would be necessary to solve  this problem ?

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