[metapost] (fwd) Bug#446617: texlive-metapost: Omits font encoding from output

Braun Gábor braung at renyi.hu
Mon Oct 29 17:21:55 CET 2007

> > (Please leave 446617 at bugs.debian.org on Cc)
> >
> > We got a bug report on Debian which still uses mpost as present in TeX
> > Live 2007 (ie) 0.993. See below for the bug description and a test file.
> >
> > Is this fixed by MetaPost 1.00, or is this something new?
> Works for me (MetaPost 1.000).
> Gábor, can you test the metapost 1.000 source distribution from
>    http://foundry.supelec.fr/projects/metapost/
> to make sure?

Hi Taco and others,

Unfortunately, it does not work for me. :((

The only difference between the output of the different versions of MetaPost
is in the comments Creator and CreationDate, e.g.

$ diff test1.1 test3.1
< %%Creator: MetaPost 0.993
< %%CreationDate: 2007.10.29:1705
> %%Creator: MetaPost 1.000
> %%CreationDate: 2007.10.29:1657

I have used only the binaries from MetaPost 1.000
and the format file mpost.mem generated for it, all other files were from the 
old MetaPost.  At least there is no difference between the two versions of 
mpost.mp and TEX.mp.

Best wishes,

	Gábor Braun

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