[metapost] "bugs" in the MetaPost reference manual 1.000

Stephan Hennig mailing_list at arcor.de
Mon Mar 17 17:30:07 CET 2008


Лидовский Владимир schrieb:

> I've just translated A User's Manual for MetaPost into Russian. I am
>  ready to send it (1MB pdf, 580KB src) to any address if it would be
> useful.

Great!  I think a good place to link to the translation would be the new
MetaPost-Wiki at <URL:http://metapost.tlhiv.org>.  That needs a lot
input anyway.

Unfortunately, MetaPost developers probably do not have enough time and
energy (and linguistic skills) to maintain translations.

> I've also found several (exactly 17) misspellings in version 1.000 of
>  the original manual. I've attached log produced by `diff' with
> "bugs" descriptions and locations.

Obviously, you've been diff-ing the wrong way around.  I've applied most
of them, though.  The recommended way to create patches is to do a fresh
check-out from the MetaPost Subversion repository via

  svn checkout http://scm.foundry.supelec.fr/svn/metapost

(see <URL: http://foundry.supelec.fr/scm/?group_id=13>), applying the
fixes and then preparing a patch with

  svn diff

> 1386c1386
> < secondary}.  Applying a \tdescr{unary op} such as {\tt
> ---
>> secondary}.  Applying a \tdescr{primary binop} such as {\tt
> #sqrt is not binary op --- it is unary op
> 1394c1394
> < as a \tdescr{unary nop}.  For instance {\tt
> ---
>> as a \tdescr{primary binop}.  For instance {\tt
> #see previous note

This has been reported by Sergey Metelev independently.  You're both
praised in the log messages. :)

> 2069c2069
> < center}\index{center?\texttt{center}}\label{Dcenter} that take a 
> \tdescr{picture
> ---
>> center}\index{center}\label{Dcenter} that take a \tdescr{picture
> #off tt-style
> 3767c3767
> < arctime}\index{arctime of?\texttt{arctime of}} operator to
> compute~{\tt t}
> ---
>> arctime}\index{arctime} operator to compute~{\tt t}
> #off tt-style

I've fixed those index entries independently, while working on the index
for appendix A.

> 3694c3694
> < middlepoint} like this:
> ---
>> midpoint} like this:
> 3696c3696
> < def middlepoint(expr a) = if path a: (point .5*length a of
> ---
>> def midpoint(expr a) = if path a: (point .5*length a of

I've added this (line numbers might vary)

< middlepoint}\index{midpoint?\texttt{midpoint}} macro with type test
> middlepoint}\index{middlepoint?\texttt{middlepoint}} macro with type test

> 4263c4263
> < ${\tt i}\ge {\tt c}$ if ${\tt b}<0$.
> ---
>> ${\tt i}\ge {\tt c}$ if ${\tt i}<0$.
> #test!

I've made this

< ${\tt i}\ge {\tt c}$ if ${\tt i}<0$.
> ${\tt i}\ge {\tt c}$ if ${\tt b}<0$.  For ${\tt b}=0$ the loop never
> terminates, even if ${\tt a}={\tt c}$.

Thanks again!

Best regards,
Stephan Hennig

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