[metapost] MetaPost reference manual 1.003

Лидовский Владимир lidw at rambler.ru
Mon Mar 24 07:41:54 CET 2008


Can you explain me the reason of placing withprescript, withpen,
dashed, withcolor, etc. options into one table together with commands
like addto, draw, etc.?
It is a bit odd to see `draw' command and its 'dashed' option as
equal commands. IMHO These options look like command modifier operators 
which left
argument is command and right argument depends on the operator, e.g.
string for withprescript. IMHO all such modifiers may be placed in the 
separate table with
`name', `argument', and perhaps `relevant commands' columns.

BTW I've found that paragraph about `mpversion' internal variable still
refers to 1.000 version.

Vladimir Lidovski

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