[metapost] mptopdf crash

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Nov 13 16:40:23 CET 2009

Oliver Buerschaper wrote:

> l.41 B-1 -1  s
>                S Q
> ?
> ---
> What's going on here?

the parser expects a space after the B and as this case (scale instead 
of transform) happens seldom, this went unnoticed

a quick way out is to add the line:

mpprocset := 0 ;

which will trigger more verbose postscript which works ok

this item is tracked in the bug tracker and will be resolved in a next 

btw, if you you context mkiv as

     Phi := (1+sqrt(5))/2;       % golden ratio

     def drawmidarrow (expr p, t) =
        draw p;
        filldraw arrowhead 
subpath(0,arctime(t*(arclength(p)-ahlength)+ahlength) of p) of p;

     s := 6mm;
     l := Phi*Phi*s;
     d := l-2mm;

     path box; box := unitsquare scaled s shifted (-s/2,-s/2);

     path piece; piece := ((quartercircle scaled d) cutbefore (box 
xshifted l/2)) cutafter (box yshifted l/2);

     picture pic;
     pic := image(drawmidarrow(piece, 0.5));

     draw pic; draw pic rotated 180;

and process that file with the context command it also comes out right


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