[metapost] mptopdf: font map entry warnings in TeXLive 2009

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sat Nov 14 09:08:36 CET 2009


Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
>  > 
>  > Hm, does not happen here. It typically means that two (nearly)
>  > identical map files are loaded. [...]
> It means that there are two entries with the same TFM name (the first
> column) in the map file.

Actually, mpost currently loads the default mapfile once for every
image that contains a string object when prologues:=1, which is a bug
(it wasn't triggered in the plain mem because it does not set

Sorry Oliver, there is no easy workaround for this: the only thing
you can do is create a dummy psfonts.map file with no entries at all
and using an explicit fontmapfile command to load the (equivalent)
pdftex.map, but that is very ugly.

There is now a handful of odd bugs like this, so there will be
a metapost 1.209 relatively soon.

>  > > While these warnings barely slow down the program in the Terminal, in
>  > > TeXShop there's a huge impact on compilation speed :-(
>  > You could also complain to the TeXShop author about the speed of
>  > its terminal output handling ;)
> It's a matter of fact that printing to screen takes more time than
> writing to a file.  The reason is that if you copy a character to a
> file, you copy only one byte.  But if you print it to screen, you have
> to take care of its graphical representation.  

Sure but, as Oliver says, when TeXShow is noticeably slower than the
normal terminal, it does not appear to be using the operating system's
facilities optimally.

Best wishes,

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