[metapost] CMYK colors

Dan T. Abell dabell at bikerider.com
Wed Jun 29 17:43:55 CEST 2011

Dear Stephan,

Thanks for doing this work. Please let us know
when you submit the mpcolornames to CTAN.

Now on my wish list is that one can somehow access
the same colors in both LaTeX and MetaPost. In figure
captions, I sometimes want to write 'red' in red to
bring attention to some red feature in the graphic.
Would be nice to have the red in LaTeX and MetaPost
match one another.

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this easily?

Best Regards,

On 29 Jun 2011, at 05:47, Stephan Hennig wrote:

> schrieb Dan T. Abell:
>> Stephan Hennig's colordef package defines a lot of colors for
>> different color models---including CMYK. They include "Black" and
>> "cmyk_black".
> Which can be found at
> <URL:http://home.arcor.de/stephanhennig/Downloads/metapost/colordef-v014.zip>.
> I plan to rename that package to mpcolornames (intentionally not naming
> it mpcolor), removing the 'smart colour' and background related stuff
> and uploading it to CTAN.
> Best regards,
> Stephan Hennig
> --
> http://tug.org/metapost/

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