[metapost] C/C++ code to produce Bezier curves from Metafont source

Shriramana Sharma samjnaa at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 14:22:54 CEST 2012

On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 3:13 PM, xiolyxioly <xiolyxioly at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Again, I suspect this might be a dumb question, but I'm still stuck.
> I'd like to look at mplib.c and mplib.h, but I can't find them.
> I suspect I have to generate them by running ctangle on mplib.w.
> But I can't find mplib.w, either.
> A little help, please.

Sorry to sound somewhat harsh, but did you read my previous mail properly?
I already wrote:

... you'll have to build the C sources (from CWEB) first: execute the build
script in the root of the metapost source tree. It will produce a dir named
build. Inside build/texk/web2c/ you have mplib.h and others (like mplibps.h
etc, basically all the mp*.h) to copy to your src dir.

There is no mplib.c. There is only an mp.c. It is produced from mp.w from
the source/texk/web2c/mplibdir/ directory.

Shriramana Sharma
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