[metapost] btex..etex debugging

Stefan Witzel s.witzel at uni-muenster.de
Wed Mar 13 06:43:39 CET 2013


ok, this is good to know, though bbox is such a suggestive name. But
maybe I should explain my problem. Actually no bounding box is
supposed to be there in the end. I just noticed that my labels are all
over the place when using this new document class and tried to figure
out why. As you can see in the attached image (with bbox and the
actual bounding box) something goes wrong in determining the
dimensions of the typeset text. But when I compile the debugging tex
file (I added a vrule to see the left boundary) I get the rather
reasonable looking pdf file attached.
I also attached the metapost source. The document class is available
at http://www.msp.warwick.ac.uk/agt/macros/gtpart.cls. I am grateful
for suggestions about what might cause this problem.


2013/3/13 Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl>:
> On 3/12/2013 10:41 PM, Stefan Witzel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> thanks Taco and Hans for the quick replies!
>> 2013/3/12 Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl>:
>>> The bbox depends on the ht/dp of characters and lines and often the
>>> character boundingbox is not tight (and when you use type one fonts and
>>> traditional tex characters this is even more true due to limitation s of
>>> the
>>> machinery).
>> In my case it's actually very strange: the text exceeds the bounding
>> box by an apparently fixed amount to the left. For example if I do
>> draw(btex this is a test etex)
>> draw(bbox(btex this is a test etex))
>> the "th" wil stick out of the box. But hopefully the debugging will
>> bring clarification (I'll try tomorrow).
> ah .. youre not usinmg the boundingbox at all, but bbox which adds a margin
> of 1 pt by default (bbmargin or so)
> just look at the attached:
> page 1: boundingbox currentpicture overlaid
> page 2: bbox currentpicture overlaid
> page 3: both overlaid
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Dr. Stefan Witzel
Mathematisches Institut der Universität Münster
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48149 Münster
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