[metapost] Bug report on metapost from texlive-2013

Pétiard François petiard.francois at free.fr
Mon Jan 27 21:39:05 CET 2014

Le 27/01/2014 04:50, Michael D. Godfrey a écrit :
> I have found a failure in the  mpost which is installed with
 > texlive-2013 and with 2012. The last correct mpost appears to be from
 > texlive_2010. Attached are:
 > 1. The mpost script to be processed by mpost and mptopdf in
 > figs-2.mp Note that this requires -numbersystem=double
 > 2. The correct output in figs-2.pdf
 > 3. The incorrect output in figs-2-2013.pdf
 > The problem is that the tapered sin and cos functions disappear. I
 > tried a number of changes to the code, but could not make it work.
 > I will try the latest tar file and tell you if it works or not.
 > Michael

With (line 21) :

   iya := (1/(sigma*sqrt(2*pi)))**((-(ix-mu)**2)/(2*sigma**2));

it works.

I think the problem is operator precedence


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