Planning for TL5

Arthur Ogawa
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 08:51:54 -0700

Karl Berry wrote:

> TUG could easily afford to buy another PC we could dedicate to TeX Live.

> Sebastian, et al, if you agree this would be useful for TL, I'll propose
> it to the board now.

I like this idea and encourage Karl to propose it to the board. I checked it
out with Don DeLand, so he at least has a heads-up. And I'll back up the idea,
saying that we had a substantial savings in TL4 because we manufactured it, so
the savings might well be spent on the TeX Live computer.

Karl, I think the new machine should have a CDR drive. Do you agree? I recall
that Sebastian at one time was hunting for a CDR, so I think we had best
prepare ourselves with the requirement in mind. I know that the inclusion of
the CDR drive has certain implications, some of which bear on Karl. Do people
think it would be appropriate to cut the master this way?

Also, it seems to me that storage at 18Gb would be a good cost effective
choice and would ensure that the machine would be useful for many years to
come, and that we can get by with a cheaper monitor since the machine will
mostly be run headless. I rely on Karl to decide if these are meritorious suggestions.

Albeit separate from the purchase of the new machine, you might consider
proposing that TUG register the domains "" and "", which
are currently unregistered.

Great idea, Karl!