[tug-board] Re: Bulk orders of the TeX Live CDROM

Jonathan Fine fine@active-tex.demon.co.uk
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 09:47:22 +0100

Dear Karl Berry

Thank you very much for dealing with this order.

To answer your questions:
>how many copies do you want and where will they
>be distributed?

I would like 20 copies.  

Since you ask about distribution, I will tell you.  However, I'm not at
all sure that I should be _obliged_ to tell you this, in order that you
provide me with the the CDs.  Surely that would make more work for both
of us.

>From time to time I meet someone who would like a copy of TeX on a CD-
ROM.  If I can, I lend them a copy, but it would suit me better, and
them also I think, if I could let them have a copy of their own.  This
last happened Friday last week.  As I get to know more Linux users, this
will happen more frequently.

>It's important not to sell the CD's for profit (copyright restrictions
>of various packages on the CD), and it's better not to sell them
>directly at all.
If TUG is able to give me copies, I will only too gladly give them to
others.  But if TUG charges me then, reluctantly, I will have to charge

I understand that the license on some software on the CD prohibits sale
for profit.

Please would you tell me how much I will have to pay for 20 CDs.  This
is, I estimate, the number I will pass on (or sell at cost) in the
course of a year.

My original request was made about two weeks ago.  I very much hope that
this order can be fulfilled within a further two weeks.  

I do appreciate that you are donating your time, to deal with this
request.  I want the CDs so that I can pass them on to existing and new
users of TeX.  I am sure this is a goal you approve of.

yours most sincerely 

Jonathan Fine

203 Coldhams Lane, Cambridge, CB1 3HY, United Kingdom
Tel:  01223 215389   [Int'l:  +44 1223 215389]