Bug in xdvi colourmap handling

Martin Ward Martin.Ward@durham.ac.uk
Mon, 1 Nov 1999 15:59:03 +0000 (BST)

I couldn't find out where to report bugs in xdvi, so I have sent it to you:

xdvi tries to allocate colours to itself and will not work properly
if there aren't enough colours available, but it doesn't seem
to be able to re-use colours allocated to another program,
even if they are the colours it wants!

The manual mentions that Netscape is often a cause of this problem,
but doesn't mention that xdvi itself can cause the problem!

If I try to invoke two copies of xdvi (to view two different files),
the first one comes up OK but the second one complains about the shortage
of colours and gives a poor display quality.


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