texlive development site

Sebastian Rahtz
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 15:37:54 +0000 (GMT)

the TeX Live master site is now active. Probably the easiest way to
see it is via


 Build: my setup and checking scripts (not changed for new system)
 Master: the tree from which TeX Live is created
 Images: ISO CD image files

I'll be building snapshot CD images at intervals from now on, for
those of you who want to burn your own CDs, but be warned that 

 a) the setup will probably not work
 b) the win32 setup certainly won't work
 c) most Unix binaries are missing

If you want/need to actively work on the master tree on, 
and you are not on the list of people I gave to Rainer Schoepf (the
admin of the machine), then please contact me. Interactive sessions
should be via ssh, and Rainer will need your public key to install on

I will start checking and documenting my sausage-machine utilities,
and tell people where they are and how they work.

There is, if it is not obvious, one golden rule: never add or delete
files from the master texmf tree by hand. Always do it via a script
which updates the "lists" files. This is _vital_, and I will be
performing regular checks of the sanity of the texmf tree.