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Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 13:41:48 -0800

Peter Willadt wrote:

> DANTE used to offer (and still does) CD-ROMs to its members. Each member
> gets one item of each CD-ROM for free. If a member wants more than that,
> he can buy more for a nominal fee of about five US-$ (ten deutschmarks).


> I think this does not violate the licensing conditions of TeX live.

Yes, I think you are in the clear here.

> DANTE used also to sell CD-ROMs to non-members, for 40 deutschmarks each
> (about 21 US-$). Mostly this happens in connections with TeX courses and
> things like that. Now the question arises if DANTE may continue this
> practice with TeX live 4 or if this is no more possible.

TeX Live 4 may be sold at cost as long it is not presented as an inducement
for a commercial offering. This means, e.g., that it cannot be bundled with,
say, a book (unless further arrangements are made).

If you wish to bundle TeX Live 4 commercially, special arrangements can be
made, please contact me, with a copy to mailto:tex-live@tug.org.

If you provide TeX Live in connection with a TeX course in such a way that it
passes the above test (at cost, not an inducement for commercial offering),
then you are in the clear.

> I would be very glad if you could reply soon, as the answer is of some
> importance for DANTE.

I hope this reply is timely.

If you wish to provide TeX Live, I suggest that you obtain the copies from TUG
(we have a stock) rather than trying to manufacture it yourself. Our prices
can't be beat: $1 plus shipping costs. (Of course, Dante may already have its
own stocks of TL4.)

Our TeX Live CDs have a printed face that has the TeX Live website and the
names of the sponsoring organizations. This is important, in that the TeX Live
CD is seen as support for the local TeX users groups, such as Dante, etc.
People who are not yet LUG members should be encouraged to join.

Also, please be aware that next year's CD, TeX Live 5, will be entirely free
(in the sense of freedom to copy and distribute), so you will no longer be
required to ask permission before selling or copying it. Nonetheless, the
above concerns still apply: TUG will provide an "official" copy, our bulk
prices are very favorable, and we (and the other LUGs) desire that TeX Live be
considered an inducement to join a LUG.

I hope these remarks are useful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us
with your questions.

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