version control software

Arthur Ogawa
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 10:52:00 -0800

Nelson H. F. Beebe wrote:
> Sebastian Rahtz <> writes:
> >> I wonder if we would be interested in using a version control system
> >> for TeX Live? The commercial Perforce (see
> >> give free licenses for people developing free software.
> Why would we ever consider a platform-specific commercial system when
> RCS and CVS have been freely available for years?...

I leave the choice of system up to those who will be using it.

As Sebastian is well aware, on we use ci and co, thus, rcs. I find it OK.

I figure that if we were to use Perforce and it was later deemed
inappropriate, we would be able to switch over to some other system without
excessive pain, and that the burden would be on those using it (therefore,
they would be exercised to chose wisely).

This is really all I can contribute to the discussion, being on the periphery
of the code development.