TeXLive installation

Wybo Dekker wybo@servalys.hobby.nl
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 17:25:44 +0100

When I used the TeXLive4 CD to install an application for a client
under WinNT, a few problems came up. (I used to do this with the
TeXLive3 CD but I thought I'd better be up-to-date)

1. I wanted to install everything under a specific directory, so
   instructed the GhostScript install to put the gstools directory
   there also. This resulted in an error message from gswin32c about
   not finding gs_init.ps. That file was only looked for in

2. I did not find Perl on the CD anymore, is that right? I would very
   much like to have it back on the next one. 

3. I Tried to use the CD as a Live CD but then I missed the possibility
   to run gs from it. I had to install GhostScript on my harddisk. 

4. The total size of the basic installation is much larger than on the
   TeXLive3 CD. I would like to have a really basic configuration. 

Please don't see this as negative criticism - I like the CD very much
and use it a lot, especially under Linux!

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