TeXLive installation

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 20:57:41 +0000 (GMT)

Wybo Dekker writes:
 > 1. I wanted to install everything under a specific directory, so
 >    instructed the GhostScript install to put the gstools directory
 >    there also. This resulted in an error message from gswin32c about
 >    not finding gs_init.ps. That file was only looked for in
 >    C:\gstools.

Fabrice, maybe you can comment on this. Is it a Ghostscript problem?

 > 2. I did not find Perl on the CD anymore, is that right? I would very
 >    much like to have it back on the next one. 

Lack of space was what drove it off, and the assumption that it is so
universal. I can try to find space next time.

 > 3. I Tried to use the CD as a Live CD but then I missed the possibility
 >    to run gs from it. I had to install GhostScript on my harddisk. 

GS is a pig, because of needing to set a pointer to its support files, 
which is hard to explain. Do you mean for Win32, or Unix as well?

 > 4. The total size of the basic installation is much larger than on the
 >    TeXLive3 CD. I would like to have a really basic configuration. 

I really hope that someone will volunteer to get down and clean this
up. I am happy that we have the mechanism in place to classify
packages, but I am not happy that my fairly old and quick
classification was right. 

But also note that the win32 setup was NOT based on the same material
as the Unix ones; it had its own ideas, which did not turn out quite
right. Next time I would hope that Unix and win32 will be identical in 
this respect.