XML, TL setup

Fabrice POPINEAU Fabrice.Popineau@supelec.fr
23 Oct 1999 18:16:13 +0200


I have closed the changes I wanted to make to the bulk core of fptex. So
fpTeX-0.4 binaries (beta) might be available soon. Issues that are
remaining :
- enhancements to windvi (dvips printing !)
- texconfig
- documentation

So I have switched to the installer, namely  fpsetup.exe . My question
is : given that   I need a   text description of  the packages,  is it
stupid to build a data  driven  setup that will  take  an xml file  as
input and do the installation ? A perl  script could build most of the
xml file(s) from your lists files. Some hand  tweaking might be needed. I
still do not know if  it is bound to fail.  The goal would be to build
*also* a command line  program or a library  in C or C++  and portable
between Unix and win32 to  do the setup.  I envisaged to use expat  to
read the xml file. I can send a DTD and an XML setup file (forgive me:
this is my first try at using this stuff).

Any ideas welcome,