[tug-pub] Re: TeX Live CD-ROMs for training

Barbara Beeton bnb@ams.org
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 08:48:57 -0400 (EDT)

    However, I would prefer it if you got the 20 copies from the TUG
    office. Why make copies if they have stocks?

    Quite so. I'll mail and ask.

i think this is precisely the kind of use we should encourage, and
i don't believe it would violate even the restrictions that were
on some items on the original tex live 4.  (the copies that the
office has now are 4b, so it's even less of a concern.)

    I did ask the GCA if membership of TUG could be rolled up in the
    tutorial fee but they weren't prepared to do that, so I'll just
    print off application forms and distribute them.

why, peter, gca!  that's getting the word out to a whole 'nother
community, one that at least in part has in the past looked down
on tex.  way to go!  let us know how it's received, please.  if the
reception is a good one, i think we should use the concept (though
i know we can't use the gca name) in any possible promo lit.
							-- bb