texlive server (rep. 1)

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 09:45:10 +0000 (GMT)

Staszek Wawrykiewicz writes:

 > TL5-alpha3, Jan 18 2000
 > =======================

good, thanks for all these points. Unless I comment, I'll just go
ahead and work on them now

 > /setupw32/texshell32/   should be updated from CTAN.
 > texshell.ini should be corrected:
 > old> Preview=windvi -1 "%P%F.dvi"
 > new> Preview=windvi -single "%P%F.dvi"

under Fabrice's control, that bit

 > /texmf/doc/generic/babel/  empty

 > Using frequently TL CD on win32 gives always the same problem: most users
 > do complain that while inserting the CD, the setup is always started.
 > Can we consider removing autorun.exe and starting setup only when desired?
 > It is not problem for me, by please think about most simply users
 > and such idiotic bahaviour of M$ Windows.

Fabrice, I'll leave this with you

 > I know that bin/i586-win32/ is more informative, but I prefer just
 > bin/win32/ . Fabrice, can you reconsider it? In Win making, e.g.,
 > `cd i586-win32' from the command line is not so straightforward as
 > on Unix ;-)

I do not care much either way. Over to Fabrice...