TL5 alpha3 (rep.2)

Barbara Beeton
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 09:36:01 -0500 (EST)

thanks to staszek for pointing out some problems with the amsfonts
on the tex live cd.

ams is handling the copyright and permission matters for the blue sky
fonts.  i will pursue your question and report whether we have any
concerns about where these are included in the tree.  (i don't think
we do, as long as there is proper attribution somewhere in the

i would like to point out, though, that the type 1 collection does
not include all the sizes for which metafonts were initially created.
thus, there are tfm files on ctan for which no type 1 fonts exist.
i can provide a list for reference; it would be counterproductive
to have tfm files without the usable shapes, and i'm not convinced
that mixing type 1 and bitmap shapes is a good idea either.

may i also point out that the mflogo fonts in the ams/bluesky type 1
collection don't have the "P" and "S" needed for "metapost".  this
can cause unpleasant surprises.  i would recommend that if some other
type 1 implementation of the mflogo fonts is available, that it be
used instead of the faulty one.  (we are trying to get this sorted
out and fixed, but the wheels of bureaucracies grind *very* slowly!)
							-- bb


> -------------
> In basic installation we have all bsr Type1 files (euler, cyrillic, symbols),
> by we haven't tfm files for them.
> Perhaps this fonts can be added to lists/free/fonts2/amsfonts
> (with all accompanying afm etc. files).
> By the way, 
>  texmf/fonts/afm/bluesky/euler
>  texmf/fonts/afm/bluesky/cyrillic
>  texmf/fonts/afm/bluesky/symbol
> are missing on TL CD (we have only afm/ams/cmextra/ and afm/ams/cyrillic/)
> Well, it is the best time to clean up all that mess.
> 1. all such fonts are copyrighted (and blessed) by AMS
>    please look at, e.g., fonts/afm/bluesky/cm/cmb10.afm  ;-)
>                                   =========
> 2. a part of work was done by Y&Y and a consortium of scientific publishers;
> 3. now all fonts are freely available for general use, as stated in READ.ME;
> 4. all fonts reside in fonts/amsfonts/ area on CTAN;
> 5. I hope that we can do the following:
>    texmf/fonts/afm/ams/cmextra/
>    texmf/fonts/afm/ams/cyrillic/
>    texmf/fonts/afm/ams/euler/
>    texmf/fonts/afm/ams/symbol/
>    texmf/fonts/pfm/ams/cmextra/
>    texmf/fonts/pfm/ams/cyrillic/
>    texmf/fonts/pfm/ams/euler/
>    texmf/fonts/pfm/ams/symbol/
>    texmf/fonts/tfm/ams/cmextra/
>    texmf/fonts/tfm/ams/cyrillic/
>    texmf/fonts/tfm/ams/euler/
>    texmf/fonts/tfm/ams/symbol/
>    texmf/fonts/type1/ams/cmextra/
>    texmf/fonts/type1/ams/cyrillic/
>    texmf/fonts/type1/ams/euler/
>    texmf/fonts/type1/ams/symbol/
> and we will have finally a consistent tree. 
> I know well that this means a little revolution (also in distributions), 
> but it is worth of it!
> Freezing the actual situation is worse, I mean.
> Nevertheless, we have to add to, say, texmf/doc/fonts/amsfonts/type1/
> another information about Type1 fonts and their history and copyright  
> (CTAN//fonts/amsfonts/ps-type1/READ.ME).
> Now, what to do with CM Type1?
> a) asking BSR for agreement in such positioning in TDS tree:
>    texmf/fonts/afm/public/cm/
>    texmf/fonts/pfm/public/cm/
>    texmf/fonts/type1/public/cm/
> in that case we have consistent tree with fonts/sources/  and fonts/tfm/
> (may I ask somebody to pass this problem to Blue Sky Research? I believe
> that they will agree. Many thanks in advance.)
> b) leaving `as it is':  
>    texmf/fonts/afm/bluesky/cm/
>    texmf/fonts/pfm/bluesky/cm/ (missing on the last TL)
>    texmf/fonts/type1/bluesky/cm/
> somehow inconsistent and artificial. 
> We can leave all stuff for dvips as is.
> ---------
> I'd also propose: 
>  mv texmf/lists/free/latex2/mflogo texmf/lists/free/fonts1/
> and change 1 line in it.
> I think mflogo are more important then e.g. fonts1/mfmisc.