TL5 alpha3 (rep.2)

Barbara Beeton
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 10:06:47 -0500 (EST)

i wrote,
    i would like to point out, though, that the type 1 collection does
    not include all the sizes for which metafonts were initially created.

thomas esser responded,
    It is possible to fill the gaps with map file entries for dvips / pdftex:
      eurm9 EURM10 <eurm10.pfb
    This is what I do in teTeX. Most people don't even notice anything about
    the missing type1 fonts.

but that doesn't scale the font to the correct size, does it?
if not, and a file using this font were submitted to ams for
publication, the size discrepancy might very well be picked up
in editing, and cause some confusion because we wouldn't be able
to reproduce the problem here.  in fact, i think i may now
understand one problem that occurred about a year ago -- the
author and i corresponded nearly every day for a month, and never
did figure out why he wasn't getting the same output that i was;
i was finally able to provide code to force the desired result,
but i never thought to ask him to look into his font map.

we recommend \usepackage{psamsfonts} to get a controllable result,
but even that's not perfect.  someone has reported as a bug that
lines don't break the same with and without psamsfonts (i.e., with
the type 1 fonts vs. pk's).

more from me:
    may i also point out that the mflogo fonts in the ams/bluesky type 1
    collection don't have the "P" and "S" needed for "metapost".  this

    For teTeX, I use Taco's versions of these fonts. He has changed the
    fontnames (uppercase vs. lowercase) in his fonts, so they can be used
    as drop-in replacements for the ams/bluesky fonts.

this, on the other hand, is an ideal resolution.  please use taco's
mflogo fonts on tex live, and ignore the ams.bluesky versions.
thanks, thomas.

    In teTeX, the ams/bluesky type 1 fonts are insubdirectories of "bluesky".
    I can change that to ams if this is what everyone agrees on.

let me see if i can extract an opinion/decision from the folks in
charge here.
							-- bb