TL5 alpha3 (rep.2)

Barbara Beeton
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 10:32:24 -0500 (EST)

    > but that doesn't scale the font to the correct size, does it?
    > and never did figure out why he wasn't getting the same output that i
    > was;

    If you use the same tfms the difference between a real 9pt font and a
    scaled 10pt are hardly going to be noticeable are they?

between 9pt and scaled 10pt, no, but it becomes more obvious in
the smaller sizes, especially if used as text strings (the wncy*
fonts in the amspsfonts have only 10pt files).  between 8pt and
7pt, the relative widths of anything based on cm start to increase,
and this becomes even more marked at 6pt and 5pt.

    If you use the 10pt tfm, scaled the metrics match the font more exactly
    but could produce different line breaks which would be noticeable.

    You can in principle make the scaled 10pt  match the 9pt metrics
    exactly by wrapping it in a vf file, rather than just using scaling in
    the map file.

but providing the vf file is, like, work!  not really likely to
happen from ams, i don't think.

    >   someone has reported as a bug that
    > lines don't break the same with and without psamsfonts (i.e., with
    > the type 1 fonts vs. pk's).

    That isn't a bug, that's the above feature. ...

definitely a feature.

    ... the psamsfonts does not
    switch between type 1 and pk it switches between using 9pt fonts and
    using 10pt fonts at 90%, whether you are using pk or type1 for rendering
    isn't known to tex. But it will affect the line breaks.

i will float the notion of providing vf files for the most common
cases, but don't offer much hope that it will be adopted.
							-- bb