[tex-live] Re: [tug-board] Planning TeXLive6 CD

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Thu, 05 Apr 2001 10:34:11 -0700

Some messages on the TUG-board list. I am copying these to the tex-live
list FYI.

"Kaja P. Christiansen" wrote:

> Once again there is time for planning TeXLive CD, now in it's 6th
> edition. Last year the CD was released in different versions and
> this is very likely to be done this year too, depending on the needs:
> Addison Wesley, for example, requests the CD early (in April), while
> we (TUG) would probably prefer a later release, as was the case last year.

> When do the board members wish the TeXLive 6 to be ready?

> My feeling is that would be best to coordinate it with the next edition
> of the TUGboat. Barbara, Mimi: would it be feasible?

"Kaja P. Christiansen" wrote:

> Phil writes:

>  > I would recommend taking advice from whoever
>  > is taking responsibility for producing TL-6
>  > and ask him/her when (in his/her opinion) the
>  > most propitious time would be,

> The production of TeXLive 5 was in the hands of TUG Office.
> Robin, Art, what would be your advice on the time schedule?

>  > bearing in mind the
>  > development cycles of the major products which
>  > it will contain.

> Do you have knowledge of important projects which are likely
> to change during, say, next 2 months?

My comments:

I'd like to clarify first what we mean by the TeX Live CD-ROM. From
TUG's perspective, we will select an edition of TL6 to manufacture and
resell to our membership and to the lugs who want it. Last year that was
TL5d, and the year before TL4c, for instance. Other editions of TL6 may
be manufactured by other entities (AWL, Dante) but this is not TUG's concern.

Production of the TL iso image has always proceeded rather independently
of TUG's manufacturing the product for the lugs (albeit is a
prerequisite ;-). I am content to simply let the TeX Live team continue
their work and to coordinate with them when TUG is ready to proceed to
manufacture. In past years there has been more or less anxiety on the
part of TUG to ensure the timely production of a golden master, but by
now it is clear that TL will be ready long before TUG's need is urgent.

As Robin Laakso reported, the business committee discussed a timetable
for manufacture of the TeX Live CD-ROM, and Mimi Jett suggested a "drop
dead" date of June 30 for shipment. In principle, this means requiring a
golden master about June 15. 

As to coordinating with the next edition of TUGboat, we need to remember
that TeX Live would in the past have been scheduled for shipment with
TUGboat 22 Issue 1, nominally due out March 31, 2001. As that date is
past, and TUGboat has yet to ship volume 21, issues 3 and 4, there has
been concern about the implications for the ship date of the TeX Live 6 CD-ROM.

Given that, the business committee has asked Robin to look into the
option of shipping TL and CTAN in a separate mailing. 

> The production of TeXLive 5 was in the hands of TUG Office.

Not the production of the CD-ROM (this is what the TeX Live team does),
rather the manufacture and distribution thereof. 

As to the timing of TL in relation to "major products" it may contain,
TUG has left such matters in the hands of the TeX Live team. As I
recall, the timing of TL has usually not depended a great deal on the
content of the installation, because of its aspect as a snapshot of TeXware.

My best shot:

TUG to manufacture TL6 some time around 15 June and ship by 30 June. Of
course, if a more aggressive schedule is possible, I'm all for it.
Manufacture takes just one week from golden master to shipment of
spindles to the lugs, so this is not a long lead time project.

The more significant issue for consideration by the board is the
contingency of TUGboat 22, Issue 1 not being ready by June 30. Last year
there was a brief discussion about the possibility of shipping CD-ROMs
separately, and I believe that this year the matter is even more
pressing than last (when we shipped TL5d in October rather than TL5a in April).

Robin has estimated that it will cost about $1100 more to separate TL
from TUGboat. Given the cost (versus the benefit of timely delivery),
what do board members think about the tradeoff?

Arthur Ogawa