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Sorry for not including...

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>Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 10:40:19 -0700
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>Hmmm.  Can anyone help?
>At 11:35 PM 4/17/01 -0400, you wrote:
>>      I received the new CD you sent. Tonight I had a few hours to kill 
>> trying to get it to work. Again, after spending about 3 hours installing 
>> it and trying to get it to work, the new CD does not work either. Every 
>> other CD I have bought or software I have downloaded from the web have 
>> all worked fine- everything except the TeXLive CD. I need someone to 
>> send me step-by-step instructions and a demo of  an actual TeX document 
>> that I can run to check if everything is installed (it would probably 
>> help many other non computer experts). If there is already a demo on the 
>> disk, I can't get to it. Should I just return the CDs you sent me and 
>> you can return my membership fee ?  I hate to give up, but something is 
>> just not right and I have spent many wasted hours trying to get it to 
>> work. I really need to be able to write TeX documents from home.  I have 
>> written TeX and LaTeX documents for years on my computer on campus with 
>> no problems. I await your response. Please help me.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Johnny Brown
>>  P.S. Perhaps you guys could have a special column in your newsletter 
>> "Bits For Beginners" in which you can cover very basic material 
>> (including how to correctly install, run and test the TeXLive CD). After 
>> all, even all you guys were beginners at one time!