[tex-live] About TeXLive 6

Pablo Rodriguez ousia@web.de
Sun, 19 Aug 2001 16:49:17 +0200

Hi there,

congratulations and many thanks for the lastest version of TeXLive 6 and 
for offering it for free. I could download the bziped image file from the 
LAN of a university and I burned the cd.

I have installed the TeXLive in two different computers (a laptop and a 
desktop computer) and in both the OS is W98 (Spanish edition). In both of 
them I've experienced some problems, but I have worked mainly on my laptop.

First of all I must say that I use MikTeX on my laptop (it works ok), but 
I'm no computer nor LaTeX expert. The TeXLive installation was easy (and in 
the attached file you have the log of it), but when I started to use 
pdfLaTeX, everything seemed to be missing, I mean, pdfLaTeX couldn't find 
the language definitions, the files of some fonts and so on.

I'd even checked the TeXLive system with Kpathsea(the log file is in the 
attachment [eror.log]), but I couldn't understand whether anything was 
wrong. Have I forgotten something necessary to finish the installation? 
What should I do to find the installed languages and fonts? (In the 
attachment you have the log of two pdfLaTeX tryings [hab-gad.tex and pdf.tex]).

Many thanks for your help. Greetings from Spain,


PS: by the way, does the TeXLive distribution a commnand like the texify 
command from MikTeX?

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