[tex-live] new install concept for TeXLive

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau@supelec.fr
22 Mar 2001 14:03:20 +0100

* Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk> writes:

Sebastian>  sure, one day, in theory. but not soon, unless Fabrice
Sebastian>  pulls off a major miracle and writes an install that
Sebastian>  compiles under Linux etc...

If all of you agree that this could solve the problem :


I volunteer to do the job.

I thought once that Perl/Tk could be a solution, but there are too
much drawbacks (Tk being one !).

So, please have a look at it, ask around and let me know.

Sebastian>  The big new project, which I believe is now feasible, is
Sebastian>  a proper package management system, allowing the user to
Sebastian>  add, remove and update packages.

Peter>  Dare I suggest we should seriously look at using something
Peter>  extant rather than writing our own, if possible?

Sebastian>  you can suggest away. since its unlikely to be me who does
Sebastian>  the work....

Well, there is one that is currently running under Linux :

Sticking with the very same rdf description would allow us to reuse
the program without much changes.