[tex-live] new install concept for TeXLive

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Fri, 23 Mar 2001 12:57:25 +0000

Fabrice Popineau writes:
 > Well, the problem is a bit of a lower level. It seems possible to run
 > a wxPython program under windows with just a few dlls and files in the
 > current directory. What about the other OS ? If people need to install
 > this stuff to run the installer, just drop the idea. If we can get
 > this stuff to run easily off the cdrom, then we can expect to rewrite
 > the setup and configuration program in a much nicer way.

It is probably *possible* to do this, but I am not sure it would be
easy. I would also worry a little about space - we do not have much
left. Still, its worth trying. I guess I could find out

but the work needed to translate your setup into wxPython must be
decidedly non-trivial?