[tex-live] TeXLive6b and xdvi

Stefan Ulrich stefan.ulrich@elexir.de
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 19:10:12 +0200

Daniel Flipo <Daniel.Flipo@univ-lille1.fr> writes:

> I have the same problem as already reported by Janusz S. Bien
> with the TeXLive6b (the one distributed by Dante and GUTenberg).
> As long as you work with mfmode=ljfour (600 dpi fonts)
> xdvik works fine.
> But, if you change the metafont mode in the texmf/xdvi/XDvi file
> (to deskjet/300 dpi in my case) then *all the* PostScript fonts 
> are substituted with the same very small (default) font; 
> the fonts that do not exist on the system as PostScript (EC in my case)
> are displayed correctly.

Argh, indeed, you're right. I can reproduce this problem with
22.40c as well.

> What I do not understand is why the mfmode interferes with the
> rendering of PostScript fonts by T1lib. The purpose is *not to*
> build any .pk file or do I misunderstand something?

No, that's correct. Will need to debug this ...
(Janusz, please ignore my previous remarks ;-)

Best regards,