[tex-live] Information on bibtex

Bert Van Landeghem bvanlan@tijd.com
Sat, 22 Sep 2001 22:09:24 +0200


On the TEXLIVE CD-ROM5C, I can find some documentation about BIBTEX
(texmf\doc\bibtex\btxdoc.dvi). In this document however, some basic
kknowledge is assumed. For these basics, they refer to the LATEX handbook of
Addison-Wesley, 1986, but this seems a rather old book to me. What's more,
in the document is said that this version of BIBTEX fits with LATEX2.09.

Does the version of BIBTEX on TL5Cworks with latex2E, and is there
documentation available that offers a good introduction to BIBTEX?

Kind regards,
Bert Van Landeghem