[tex-live] source changes

Olaf Weber olaf@infovore.xs4all.nl
01 Jun 2002 15:50:05 +0200

Olaf Weber writes:
> Sebastian Rahtz writes:

>> My proposal for TeX Live 7:
>> * anything with src specials will identify itself as euTeX in the banner
>> * Fabrice will commit source changes today
>> * we aim to get a recompile of tex, etex, and pdftex by Sunday 2300 GMT
>> * the update to also include dvips 5.90
>> * I will owe all compilers a large bunch of flowers

>> well, not so much of a proposal as a statement :-}

> I may have a fix for the \special issue that avoids the problems that
> arise with redefining \special.

I'm at the point where redefining \special doesn't affect source

The second problem is that source specials can be "captured" into
arguments and such, because they're (mostly, but not exclusively)
ordinary specials inserted into the token stream.  It seems the
"\everypar" example can be made to work by postponing the creation of
the source special for that paragraph until after the everypar
processing has been done.

Would this be good enough for now?

Olaf Weber

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