[tex-live] Re: [tex-fonts] T2a encoding error

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Sat Dec 20 22:04:02 CET 2003

"UD" == Ulrich Dirr writes:

 >>> I've looked at the bug report. First my TeXLive 8 installation
 >>> puts fonttext.cfg in <\TeXLive>\texmf\tex\cslatex and
 >>> <\TeXLive>\texmf\latex\base. I've just renamed the file in
 >>> \cslatex and recreated the format file: OK!

 >> that simply means that there is either the same bug in fpTeX :(
 >> or you are using the wrong command to generate your format file.
 >> which command are you using to generate the format file?
 >> could you please: 1) restore the cslatex's fonttext.cfg 2)
 >> generate the format file 3) send the log file

 UD> See attached (I also called a test file to see if the error is
 UD> coming back, and yes it's there again).

there were no attachments

 UD> And btw of course in my last mail there was a typo because the
 UD> second occurrence of fonttext.cfg is in fact in
 UD> <\TeXLive>\texmf\tex\latex\base (I missed \tex).

that's fine

 UD> And I didn't use a wrong command for creating format files
 UD> because they were automatically created after installation of
 UD> TeXLive v8 ;-)

that's bad - means there's likely a problem in fpTeX

 UD> When I'm creating format files by hand I use the canonic command,
 UD> e.g., 'pdfetex -ini "*\input pdflatex.ini"'

this command is NOT canonic. it's wrong. the right way to do that

pdfetex -ini -jobname=pdflatex -progname=pdflatex *pdflatex.ini

(it is important to set the jobame and progname)

or better:

mktexfmt --byfmt=pdflatex

which will do that for you.

does this bug occur when using the above correct command?

if yes, then there's a bug in texmf.cnf setting incorrect input path
for pdflatex which makes the wrong fonttext.cfg to be found.

if no, then there's something wrong in the "automatical creation after
installation" of the format files in fpTeX.

 UD> P.S. Don't be confused by the version number of fpTeX. I use the
 UD> newest standalone version by Fabrice (16.12.03) where
 UD> font_mem_size is increased to 2000000.


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