[tex-live] Re: TeXsetup.exe / Win95(b) installation problem [TeXLive 7 - 9/2003]

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Tue Dec 30 01:27:50 CET 2003

> Hello folks, I have some "fatal" problem installing TeXLive 7 (9/2003)
> on an old Windows'95-Box (Win95B=OSR2):

> TeXsetup.exe (without any parameters) just silently exits after a few
> seconds of deep thinking(?). [And no log files are created.]

All I can suggest regarding win95 is to install Internet Explorer 4.0
latest release. If it still doesn't work with 4.0, then switch to 5.5.

I must say I have not tested TeXSetup against win95 recently, only
against win98.

> P.S.: Links to documentation on how to install manually (on Win32) or
> what TeXsetup really does are very welcome, too, especially those
> "handcoded"? configuration steps beyond TPM-handling, i.e. PATH and
> environment variable settings, config file modifications etc.  I guess
> the Un*x scripts won't work despite of win32-gnus (bash, perl and
> friends), right?

No chance. Actually, I usually consider cygwin to be more a nuisance
than a help. Native Gnu win32 apps are useful, but not for fptex/texlive

>   I actually started trying to update my TeXLive 6b installation, but
> beside broken links the old TeXsetup was unable to handle the "new"
> TPM format; the new TeXsetup in turn just seemed to be unaware of my
> old installation, so I resorted to burning another fresh half a GB :-)

Sorry, but TeXSetup/2003 is not able to handle an upgrade from any
previous version.


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