[tex-live] tex live on flash card?

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Sun Mar 2 23:03:20 CET 2003

>>>>> "Sebastian" == Sebastian Rahtz
>>>>> <sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk> writes: 

    Sebastian> does anyone own a Sharp Zaurus? its a PDA running
    Sebastian> Linux, and it looks to me like it should be able to run
    Sebastian> TeX. I'd be curious to hear if anyone has experience
    Sebastian> with the thing.  Sadly, I am not allowed to buy one for
    Sebastian> myself, as we are having work done on the house this
    Sebastian> year :-} 

I do have one, it is a cute little handheld which can do a lot. I can
easily ssh to zaurus from my notebook, has gcc, java compiler and JVM,
opera browser, a mail client, console, apart from the usual goodies
like address book, etc. Has all sorts of connectivity -- modem,
ethernet, wireless, infrared, usb. Over 700 applications are available
for zaurus in the net.

I would love to have TeX installed in a flash card, if that is


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