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Hazel Martin hazel10 at btopenworld.com
Sun Mar 9 01:52:04 CET 2003


I'm hoping you're the right people to be contacting ... if not, I apologise.

I used LaTeX and emacs (?) when I was doing maths at uni about 9 years ago.  

I haven't used anything similar since, but am now needing to produce accurate maths/science material in large print for visually impaired kids.  It's really important that the work we produce is accurate - using a typewriter or ordinary word-processing package and trying to line things up just isn't good enough.

We have Microsoft Word on Windows 95 and Windows 98, along with the usual packages you get with Microsoft computers these days.

It struck me that the system we used at uni would be perfect for our needs (it wasn't a WYSIWYG system but it produced excellent results), but I don't have a clue how to go about installing that system, or even if it's possible at all.  At uni we used Sun computers.  Is Windows compatible with LaTeX and emacs?  How can we obtain and install it?

I would really welcome any advice you could give me.

Thanks very much.
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