[tex-live] bug in texsetup.exe?

Wolfgang Kaspar wolfgang.kaspar at uni-muenster.de
Tue Mar 11 17:30:52 CET 2003

It seems to me that there are the following bug in texsetup.exe 
of TeX Live 7 (06/2002):

The files listed under <TPM:RunFiles ...> in a tpm file are not installed
(except the tpm file), when the tpm file contains only RunFiles and no
DocFiles or SourceFiles.

Example setspace.tpm (<TPM:Date>2001/09/07 16:36:26</TPM:Date>):
    <TPM:RunFiles size="22826">
    texmf/tex/latex/setspace/setspace.sty     is _not_ installed
    texmf/tpm/packages/setspace.tpm           is installed

After adding the lines 
    <TPM:SourceFiles size="0">
everything is ok.

Some other packages, which caused the same behavior, are eqname, upquote,
uhrzeit, patch, sprite, numline, barcodes and tracking.

Best wishes
Wolfgang Kaspar

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