[tex-live] MS Word hell, TeX heaven?

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Wed Mar 12 22:13:06 CET 2003

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Many of you have heard the stories. Somebody (maybe it was you) tried 
to do hhis thesis in Word. 200 pages with formulas or some other 
combination of heavy word processing/typesetting. And beyond 20 pages 
Word became unstable, the program crashed, the work was lost and after 
having moved to TeX, the situation was heaven in comparison.

I am looking for true stories, examples why people have ditched Word 
(an other programs like it) and moved to TeX. What they like and 
dislike about the move.

These stories I would like to collect in preparation of the 25th 
anniversary of TeX.

Please send your replies to tex-showcase at rna.nl.

Thanks in advance,

Gerben Wierda

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