[tex-live] TeX Showcase Re-quest

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Thu Mar 13 15:04:53 CET 2003

Hello people,

On the message below I have gotten a lot of enthousiastic replies. 
Thank you! However, most are pointers, and most pointers are not even 
URL's let alone to PDF files or PDF files which are usable as simple 
showcase documents on a simple Web page.

I have had enthousiastic and helpful answers, but those answers are 
only useful for me if i had far more time to research the leads. What I 
need to be able to do this is results, not leads, not even if they seem 
pretty straightforward. I should have made that more clear.

My request is for you to do part of the work involved. Find or compile 
that document you were thinking of and send me the result, a PDF 
attachment and a (TeX) source. If there is a simple URL, go to that 
URL, fetch the documents you were thinking of, put them in an e-mail 
and send them to me. Do not send me URL's e-mail addresses, etc. Send 
me files.

Thanks in advance,


PS. Do not send PS documents. They do not all compile easily into PDF. 
Create a PDF out of it and check it and then send it to me. If this 
balloons out of proportion that every e-mail I get on this subject is 
more work for me, I will not be able to do this project.

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> Ladies & Gentlemen,
> I would like to get your attention for the following. In preparation 
> of the 25th TeX anniversary conference in Hawaii this summer, I have 
> had the idea to create a TeX showcase, a web page dedicated to shining 
> examples of what you can do with TeX. I am looking for documents that 
> are small (a few pages mostly, and preferably also small in kB size), 
> that source and PDF-output (web showcase after all). Things I could 
> use:
> 	- Music (musixtex?)
> 	- Linguistics
> 	- Math (of course)
> 	- Literature/poetry (Three pages Shakespeare anyone?)
> 	- Layout (ConTeXt? Metapost?)
> 	- Dynamic pages (i.e. texpower-based presentation in PDF)
> 	- Combination with other packages (i.e. Apple Keynote presentation 
> exported to PDF with TeX-output embedded)
> 	- PS and PDF tricks
> 	- Fun (whatever you can think off, e.g.what about a Poster sized PDF 
> with "Alles Lookenspeepers"?)
> If you think you can create something that shows the excellence of 
> TeX, please send it to me. Send at least TeX source and PDF output.
> Please send your replies to tex-showcase at rna.nl.
> Thanks in advance,
> Gerben Wierda
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