[tex-live] Re: [pdftex] MS Word hell, TeX heaven?

Magnus Lie Hetland magnus at hetland.org
Thu Mar 13 10:54:38 CET 2003

Reinhard Kotucha <reinhard at ms25.ath.cx>:
> >>>>> "Magnus" == Magnus Lie Hetland <magnus at hetland.org> writes:
>     > I suppose these data don't support your hypothesis, but I've
>     > actually written a 600 page book in Word -- though I must admit
>     > each chapter was a separate file ;)
> Are you sure that I can read what you wrote without causing Word to
> crash?  I'm in doubt.

Not to belabour the point, but I did actually work with (at least) six
other people, who were all able to opne my files without problem.

Again: I used Word because the publisher required me to do so, but it
did not present significant problems, other than having to "unlearn"
various shortcuts from vi and emacs ;)

> A few hours ago I tried to load a Word file someone else had written
> at work.  Word crashed (invalid memory page access in MSWORD.EXE).  

That hasn't happened to me for years, I think -- though it did quite
often back when I used Windows 98 and Office 98 (or whatever they
called it).

> The system became unstable, i.e. when I tried to attach a file to a
> mail message, it was not possible to move into the directory where the
> file was.  Fortunately that worked after rebooting the system.
> Obviously, you had been in luck.

Or perhaps using the most recent version (XP) really does have
benefits? ;)

>  Congratulations!

Thanks :]

Just playing the Devil's Advocate,

- Magnus

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