[tex-live] packaging omega-devanagari questions

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Mar 18 10:44:18 CET 2003

On Die, 18 Mär 2003, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> I make a temporary tree for the package and then use
> //depot/Build/cdbuild/place. thats very local to me, my
> directories, my tools, but you should get the principle

I will do it, but can you be a bit more specific:
Would it look like this:
mkdir -p /tmp/texmf/omega/otp/odevnag
mkdip -p /tmp/texmf/omega/lambda/odevnag
cp *.otp /tmp/texmf/omega/otp/odevnag/
cp *.sty /tmp/texmf/omega/lambda/odevnag/
# change paths/names in `place'
# set $newpackage=1 in `place'
./place ... ??? ...

AFAIS place should be called with the package name as only argument, but
how to find the files? Do I have to add the files to 
	@Docfiles, @Sourcefiles, @Runfiles
in `place'?

> > * Can I include the paper John and Yannis presented at the conference in
> >   Japan (?) as documentation?
> depends on the licensing. if its DFSG-compliant, then yes. 

I will ask them.

> > * Can I choose just a new name (odevnag) which does not collide? Or
> > are
> >   there further restrictions (length<8,...)
> just choose a name. no restrictions

Can the length of the package name be longer than 8 characters? I would
like to have odevanagari but I am not sure if this will work (DOS??)

Best wishes


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